The winners of this year’s WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award have been named

Since 2000, the non-profit organisation WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award has presented its award of the same name to organisations, movements, companies or individuals who have contributed to a major change in the work towards a more sustainable future. The award should stimulate creative solutions and create sustainable synergies that improve the balance between the world’s ecological, environmental, and social needs. The organisation’s work is financed by The City of Gothenburg and The Region Västra Götaland, among others.

2023’s theme was “Fighting Disinformation”, specifically in relation to the revolutionary digitalisation of our time. Digitalisation has the power to bring people together from different parts of the world and contribute to fast and democratic spreading of information; but can equally be a major cause of the spread of dangerous and misleading misinformation. The WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award wants to draw attention to the measures that are actually implemented to prevent misinformation, improve democratic discussion, and inspire the effort to reach UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Bellingcat and Eliot Higgins

This year’s winner of the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award is the group Bellingcat, which consists of researchers, investigators and citizen journalists who investigate various types of conflicts and crises around the world.

Bellingcat, and the founder Eliot Higgins, are awarded the WIN WIN Award 2023 for their innovative methods, which have led to a new generation of investigative journalism and enabled Bellingcat to uncover critical information about urgent global issues.

The motivation from the jury
Bellingcat’s founder Eliot Higgins (photo: WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award)

Abbie Richards

Researcher and content creator Abbie Richards is this year’s recipient of the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Youth Award. On her popular website “The Conspiracy Chart” and through her various social media, she combats and exposes various types of conspiracy theories.

Abbie Richards is awarded the WIN WIN Youth Award 2023 for her outstanding ability to educate and engage a diverse audience using humour, facts, and accessible graphic design, as well as her ability to facilitate a deeper understanding of some of the most complex and pressing societal issues of today.

The motivation from the jury
Abbie Richards (photo: WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award)

Kajsa Willner and El-Kretsen

The award statuette itself is also made in an experimental spirit to inspire innovation and creative thinking. The shape is always a cube, and the material changes from year to year. The 2023 prize cubes are the creation of artist Kajsa Willner, who has constructed the illusion of marble and terrazzo (as a nod to the disinformation theme), but actually only consists of old electronics. The marble and terrazzo imitation is no coincidence, according to the artist: both of these materials are often extracted/created in a way that has an impact on the environment.

As the supplier of the electronics for the award statuette, El-Kretsen is a modest, but proud part of the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award 2023.

Photo: WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award

Published 2023-10-25