Sustainability Report 2022

According to Chapter 6, paragraph 10 of the Annual Accounts Act (1995:1554), El-Kretsen is required to produce a sustainability report. This report has been produced in accordance with the requirements of the Annual Accounts Act and it is published as a separate document alongside the annual report.

As a nationally approved collection system for WEEE and batteries, El-Kretsen handles large flows of e-waste. This report explains the processes involved and accounts for the volumes of WEEE and batteries dealt with. The sustainability report also describes the risks involved in this work, as well as the possibilities and important sustainability aspects as identified by El-Kretsen’s management. The aim and ambition of this report is to provide a clear, transparent description of our organisation from a sustainability perspective. Although we can set targets for our own activities and then measure and assess the outcome, quite a few sustainability aspects are linked to activities that take place outside of El-Kretsen’s organisation. These also reflect on El-Kretsen’s performance, even if no data is readily available for them. We are talking about a mindset that extends beyond the limits of one’s own system, and cases where El-Kretsen can see that the other organisation – or the knowledge this organisation generates – can contribute to a positive development.

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Published 2023-05-05

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