Sustainability Report 2016

2016 was the year when El-Kretsen turned 15. It was a nice opportunity to have a party. Exhibitions about our business together with presentations gave a backdrop of how it used to be, and how we controlled the development towards where we are today. Even though the theme of the day was our 15-year history, it came to be about the future.

Today we can calculate the environmental benefit that recycling provides. For example, climate-inducing refrigerants are handled in closed systems. Even the smallest batteries, those that often contain mercury, are picked out of the electrical products to be handled separately. Valuable materials from finite resources are recovered and brought back into circulation.

This is the result of El-Kretsen’s and all our partners’ work – a result we are proud of. However, we do not stop there. Not until we live up to the vision that every gram should be recycled to its original form and quality.

Thinking circularly is a prerequisite for working with recycling in a credible way. Being a small part of the development that is also in line with several of the government’s environmental goals is exciting and meaningful. As part of this, producer responsibility for electronics has evolved to include not only household products. Nowadays, professional electrical equipment is also included. One can see it as proof that producer responsibility actually works as a management control measure. The ways in which El-Kretsen can help “new” producers entails new exciting opportunities and challenges.

Now that we have blown out the candles on our 15th anniversary cake, we are not only celebrating everything that we have achieved so far, but we are also hoping that the coming years will be just as eventful and challenging. It is a journey you want to be on – a sustainability journey towards new goals!

Published 2021-02-16