Sustainability Report 2015

The hierarchical structure of the world of waste is illustrated by a staircase, and this is not a random choice: much of the environmental work carried out in Sweden is characterized and shaped by a desire to reach greater heights. The relentless endeavour to improve matters is a key ingredient of most environmental management systems, and this attitude has also helped us analyse our situation and pinpoint the changes in processes which result in the greatest proportional environmental gain. At the same time as we work on internal development and improvement, the ever-changing world we live in also leads to new demands, as became very clear in 2015 when the legal requirements were intensified. All our efforts over the years have resulted in a recycling system which works and makes a difference, and looking at the revised ordinance it becomes clear that we share a common goal: the goal of responsibly handling hazardous substances and reusing the resources which were once extracted from the Earth.

We advance steadily up the recycling staircase, but at the same time, we remain dependent on the world around us. Producers have to produce recyclable products; end users have to sort their waste and place it in the correct recycling bins; our recycling subcontractors have to keep refining their processes and municipalities have to keep informing and motivating people. Together, we further the progression towards even more complete closed-loop recycling systems.

Published 2021-02-15