Sustainability Report 2012

For many years, Sweden has led the way in terms of environmental commitment in general and recycling in particular. Now a certain refinement in recycling behaviour is starting to take shape. The smaller products are increasingly finding their way back into the ecocycle, where they are converted into new raw materials and used in new production. Products that are broken or no longer used are being sent off to recycling centres, where they can do more good than at home in a drawer.

Recycling Weekend was repeated in 2012, and the results confirm our new recycling behaviour – we are sending more small and medium-sized household appliances for recycling than in previous years. With considerable commitment to electronics recycling among the Swedish population, we recycled almost 4 times more used electronics than the target in the EU Directive of 4 kg per inhabitant. We collected 147 684 tonnes, which equates to 15.47 kg per inhabitant. This excellent result is, of course, thanks to all the work carried out across Sweden’s municipalities, the commitment of our customers and suppliers and the fact that we are all taking individual responsibility for doing the right thing.

So be proud. Sweden has come out on top thanks to you!

Published 2021-02-12