Sustainability Report 2011

Things are going well! Throughout 2011, changes have occurred that strengthen our operations. It is noticeable that awareness has increased and the Swedish public have generally become even better at depositing electrical goods and batteries for recycling. In other words, we have a very high minimum level in this country.

We conducted our Recycling Weekend for the second year in a row, and the results were even better than the previous year, thanks to all the municipalities and other players who supported the initiative with their own local activities. During the recycling year 2011, we recycled a total of 154,185 tonnes, which equates to 16.27 kilos per person.

The trend for collecting more products year-on-year remains strong. We have more affiliated customers today than ever before – covering both electrical equipment and batteries.

So thank you for being so good!

Published 2021-02-11